About Us

Paul Gingerich, Owner

I grew up in the country north of Carrollton Missouri which is why I decided to develop my Carrollton Roofing career! I grew up in the lumber industry along with building buildings, pouring concrete, and doing construction work while working for my uncle for 10 years. My brother and I started our own company in 2009 after the economy took a hit and we needed something to do and support us. While the economy lost 25% of similar businesses from 2007 to 2009. We manage to survive and thrive once the economy picked back up. SLV Roofing is my passion and I am honored to be a Carrollton Roofing company, being able to serve this community and the families in it makes going to work every day a blessing!


Family Owned & Operated

I’m married to my beautiful bride Sarah who supports me in all of my Carrollton Roofing endeavors. We are a family with seven children. We love the outdoors, fishing, hiking, hunting, outdoor-related activities. We had no intention of ever leaving Colorado. Man plans and God laughs! After owning my own Carrollton Roofing business in Missouri. I landed a job in Colorado in the same construction industry. Employee morale was really low and it killed me. the employees were more worried about themselves and they were about helping their employer become successful. Discontinue eating on me until I couldn’t handle it anymore. Sarah and I decided that we needed to look for our own business to start so we can have control over our own time and our own resources. Sarah saw this advertisement for wanting contractors to install roofing and doing roof restoration.

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SLV Roofing Service

We believe in asset protection and it starts with your roof. When building a building the foundation is your most important piece in construction. Without a good foundation, you have nothing that will sustain this building for years and years to come. Once that building is built your roof is what protects everything underneath of it. Your most valuable assets are stored underneath this roof. If you allow it to leak it will deteriorate your roof and everything above that Foundation that you just built. That is why we are so passionate about bringing high-quality Carrollton Roofing solutions to the community and surrounding areas. As a family-owned company, we know the importance of being able to give your family a safe place that they can call home. Through high-quality workmanship and materials, we are able to give this to our customers.

Why You Should Work Here

We are working on growing this Carrollton Roofing company. We want a company that can provide for its employees and run in profits. We want to be a company where you can have your career built around your family and things that are important to you. We Believe, that without your family and the pursuit of happiness by working hard and providing for the needs of your families all else is lost. We also believe in merit-based pay and compensation for those that put their hearts and minds into their work. We are a Carrollton Roofing company that’s wanting to grow into multiple locations and will be filling multiple positions. our belief is it is better to grow from the bottom and work your way up and learn the ins-and-outs of the company and grow you first. to grow into a company gives you better leverage of its quality management and control. We believe that we are protecting our client’s most valuable assets and we visualize having clients for the rest of our lives and growing old with our clients. That is why if you are looking to start your Carrollton Roofing career we would love for you to consider SLV roofing. You will be in a positive work environment where you can grow your skills and make great money. However, you will be held to the SLV roofing standard as we do not tolerate any disrespect, low-quality workmanship, or customer service. If you are ready to grow your skills and character then please apply today!

We know that there are a lot of contractors and companies for you to choose from when you are looking for Carrollton Roofing. We would love the opportunity to come out and give you a free estimate. We believe you will immediately notice the SLV roofing difference from the very first moment you get in contact with us. We promise the best customer service experience around along with the highest quality of care. Go ahead and fill out the form or give us a call today so that we can get you on the schedule to get your roofing needs taken care of the right way the very first time!