When it comes to commercial roof coatings, there are several different options on the market. Deciding which one is right for your needs can seem overwhelming. There are a variety of different formulas, uses, and application methods to choose from. At SLV Roofing, we recommend the use of Conklin commercial roof coatings to all of our clients. They offer a full range of commercial roof coatings and roofing systems that will provide your property with durable protection from the elements.

Let’s take a look at some of the different types of commercial roof coatings you might want to consider.

1 – Acrylic Coating

The primary purpose of acrylic roof coatings was to offer UV protection for spray foam roof applications. However, it has become a popular roof coating for a wide variety of different membrane roofing systems, including metal roofing and single-ply membranes. Acrylic coatings are highly resistant to UV radiation and can help to reduce the surface temperature of the roof substantially. This has a knock-on effect of helping to reduce cooling costs for the property.

2- Silicone Coatings

One alternative to acrylic would be silicone roof coatings. These are highly elastic and adhere to most surfaces very well. Silicone coatings offer excellent weather resistance and are capable of withstanding ponding water.

3 – Polyurethane Coatings

Polyurethane coatings can be used to coat a variety of different roof membranes. They will usually consist of two separate components – a top coat and a base coat. The base is highly durable but offers very little in the way of UV protection. However, the topcoat is UV stable and will stay clean and bright for longer than many other coatings.

4 – Rubber Membrane Systems

Another option for commercial roofs is a fluid-applied material that will extend the life of an existing roof. One of the most popular is the rubber membrane system, which combines rubber elasticity with the weatherproofing properties of emulsified asphalt.

Hopefully, this has given you some insight into the various commercial roof coatings available to you. As a Conklin preferred contractor, our recommendation to our clients is to opt for one of their acrylic roof coatings. We are happy to talk you through the various products and make sure you choose the most appropriate selection for your property.

Every smart building owner knows how much of a headache a leaky roof can be! A Kansas City Roofer will tell you, water damage, expensive repairs or replacement roofing is a major inconvenience! However, at SLV Roofing, we can solve your problems and alleviate your worries with the help of innovative commercial roofing systems from Conklin Roofing! We also provide residential roofing in partnership with Isaiah Industries.

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