If you were to go take a quick look at your commercial roof right now, you would likely see various vent pipes protruding from the otherwise flat surface of the roof. These are necessary to allow gases to exit the building safely. These are an essential part of a well-maintained roof as they help with ventilation and regulating temperature and moisture levels. However, they are also one of the most common areas of a commercial roof that will develop a leak resulting in repair work becoming a necessity.

Damaged Vent Pipe Collars

One of the most typical types of damage seen on vent pipes is at the collar surrounding the base of the vent. This is the area where the vent pipe breaks through the surface of the commercial roofing. The collar is there to act as a seal to keep water and debris away from where the pipe and the roofing material join together. However, anywhere there is a join in your roofing material, there is a more significant potential for a leak to develop. Over time, you may find that the collar of the vent pipe will deteriorate or spill thanks to ongoing exposure to the sun and other harsh weather conditions.


Damaged Pipes

A leak can also develop on your commercial roofing if the vent pipes themselves are damaged. If there are any leaks or cracks in the pipes themselves, rainwater could seep into the interior of the building instead of draining away how it usually would. This type of leak can often build up over time before it becomes apparent, and by that time, the damage may already be done. That is one of the reasons why we recommend regular inspections for your commercial roofing to make sure no hidden leaks are waiting to give you a nasty surprise!

During a typical commercial roofing inspection, all of the most common problem areas, including vent pipes, will be checked to look for any signs of damage. Sometimes this means that your roofer will be able to spot potential leaks before they become a problem making the repair much less expensive than if you wait until there is extensive damage.

Every smart building owner knows how much of a headache a leaky roof can be! A Kansas City Roofer will tell you, water damage, expensive repairs or replacement roofing is a major inconvenience! However, at SLV Roofing, we can solve your problems and alleviate your worries with the help of innovative commercial roofing systems from Conklin Roofing! We also provide residential roofing in partnership with Isaiah Industries.

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