Commercial Roofing

There are many different types of roofing in the commercial industry, and a lot of different Carrollton roofing companies to choose from. We are a company that strives for Energy Efficiency and reduced energy uses while protecting your roof. When you hire us to perform any commercial work we are always going to take the time to communicate to you what the best options and solutions are. As a business owner, we understand the importance of a reliable roof and also affordable choices for your company. Although we do offer affordable solutions we are also intentional about never compromising on the quality of workmanship or materials that we use for any of our jobs. The use of roofing materials has changed over the years from Mod-bits touchdown’s tar and gravel to TPO’s, EPDM, and PVCs. We use Conklin Roofing systems primarily for all our commercial needs. From tapered membrane roof systems to roof restorations using spray foam and coating systems manufactured by Conklin. We are a multiyear preferred Carrollton roofing contractor with Conklin and look forward to serving all your commercial roofing needs.

Residential Roofing

As a family-owned and operated company, we absolutely adore serving the other families in our community. From Carrollton roofing, we are always thrilled to offer affordable and high-quality solutions to the families that surround us! Being able to feel confident that your home is built to last and is going to serve as a safe haven to your family is the best feeling as a parent. We also know that a lot of families are living off a budget so making sure that their Carrollton roofing is affordable is important as well. That is why although we are always going to offer affordable solutions we will never cut corners or use cheap products that are liable to fail. We believe that it is our duty and mission to our customers to be able to protect their homes with Carrollton roofing services that you can count on. As we grow and expand our services along with our service area we would love to be able to do work for your friends and family as well!

Metal Roofing

There are three types of metal roofing. Pro rib has exposed Fasteners in commercial and residential. The Standing seam has a hidden Fastener method of installation. A type of shingle that is either steel or aluminum shingle with hidden fasteners. There are a lot of variables in between these three in their performance and life expectancies, which is why you need an experienced and qualified Carrollton roofing company to perform the work. Not only do you want to make sure that the roofer you hire is licensed and insured but also that they have experience with metal roofing. Metal roofing is a much different animal than normal roofing and you can end up paying a lot more money to get work redone if it is not done correctly the first time. We are one of the only Carrollton roofing companies in the metal roofing industry and are proud to be able to bring this solution to the surrounding areas. Metal roofing is not the solution for everyone but it offers different benefits than a traditional roof. If you are thinking about a metal roof or are wanting to learn more then please call us today so that we can get you on the schedule!

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Roof Repairs and Maintenance

Maintenance of the roof is very important. That is what determines how long your roof will last after the installation of the new roof. Most people believe it is out of sight out of mind and they don’t bother with anything else if it doesn’t leak. That is poor stewardship and maintaining your roof Is important for life expectancies and catching problems before they arise and create a lot of damage inside to your most valuable assets. As a Carrollton roofing company, we offer roof maintenance from once to twice a year or however many times you feel is necessary. We have to move lots of things from roofs over years that were damaging to our client’s roofs system are you anything from tree limbs to abandon HVAC units and pieces and parts two buckets of tars and brooms and mops. Damaged by other third-party providers that are on your roof and you do not realize the damage or the things they leave behind. If your roof has scuppers and drainage systems it can get clogged with leaves and other debris that accumulates up on your roof which can create water back up and pawning and break down any of your roofs structurally. As Carrollton roofing experts we believe there should be at least a spring and a late fall checkup of your roof to remove any leaves and debris that have accumulated from trees or other third private party providers that leave stuff up on your roof from time to time. These Left Behind components can create holes in your roof or damage it rusted in depleted in some way.

Maintenance Programs

We cannot stress roof maintenance hard enough and give us a call to schedule your roof maintenance plan. As a Carrollton roofing company, it makes us very worried when people are willing to go months or years without getting any maintenance or checks done on their roof. Your roof is the first thing to protect your home from the outdoor elements, it works very hard for you and your family year-round. The least you can do for your roof is have an expert come to check its condition twice a year. By signing up for our maintenance program you can feel confident that your roof will get checked twice a year for any new repairs that it may need. This will save you from having to pay a Carrollton roofing company a ton of money as problems will be caught and taken care of before they turn into large issues. Save of stress and money by signing up for our maintenance program today and feel confident that your roof is going to be prepared to take on mother nature year-round!

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