Routine maintenance can save your business a lot of headaches and money. Those who spend to regularly maintain their roof pay on average 14 cents per square foot annually. Those who wait till problems occur to fix them pay an average of 25 cents per square foot annually for maintenance. Also, those who are proactive in maintaining their roof extend the roof’s life for up to 8 years. Plus, proper maintenance will discover damages and leaks before they cause problems to the building structure and the interior of your building!

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How often should routine maintenance be done on my commercial building?

The need for maintenance depends on how old the roof is and what kind of weather is common in your area. If your area experiences many storms, you may need to inspect your roof more frequently. Also, check the roof after any construction work has been done on it. Perform routine inspections twice a year. A good time to do these inspections is with the changing of seasons, just before winter and then again before summer. Remember that routine maintenance can spare you huge bills, maybe even the need for a roof replacement!

What are warning signs that my roof may be in trouble?

  • If ponds begin to form on your roof, they will eventually lead to deterioration, rotting, rusting, and leaking.
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  • Bubbles in the roof are not a problem by themselves; but if they fill with water, it is time to do something because these bubbles will cause the roof cover to age prematurely and spring leaks.
  • Keep your eye on those seams! Any tear in the roof coating will eventually lead to leaks.
  • Check for gaps in the strips of metal installed on the edge of the roof, base of a vent pipe, skylights, etc. It is important that these are firmly in place to prevent water from seeping underneath the roof cover and so that high winds do not have a chance to rip them off.
  • Clear all drains and gutters of leaves and debris that may cause blockages. Also, inspect the drain seals and gutter caps.
  • Trim any trees that may be a hazard to your roof.

Why are routine commercial roof inspections important?

Any commercial building is a large investment. Add to that the expensive equipment inside your building, and the safety of employees. The roof is the part of your building that ensures safety, making it a vital part of your business! Some roof warranties require professional inspections and proof of maintenance to keep the warranty valid. And who wants the nightmare of an emergency roof repair because of not maintaining the roof? No one! So, put a maintenance plan in action today!

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