Are you looking for a way to combat rising energy costs? Photovoltaic solar panels are a green solution that converts the sun’s energy into electricity that you can use to power your building. They conserve energy and help control the skyrocketing costs of other energy sources.

The photovoltaic system employs solar panels each made of several solar cells. An inverter, a battery pack for storage, and interconnection wiring complete the photovoltaic system. Another option is a solar tracking mechanism that tilts the solar panels to follow the sun across the sky. This device maximizes the amount of the sun’s energy that can be absorbed. These systems may be mounted on a rooftop, on the ground, or on a wall.

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These systems are dependent on direct sunlight; therefore dust, clouds, and other things in the atmosphere affect the amount of energy output. If a tracking system is not used to follow the direct sunlight, about 10-25% of the energy is lost. Also, we may need more energy at times than the sun can produce, so we will need a second power source for those times.

Photovoltaic systems generate no pollution and no greenhouse gas emissions after installation.

The price of solar panels continues to fall, and since the sun does not charge us for its energy, this is an investment that is worth your money!

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