Slate Shingles are made from thin layers of rock and are available in a range of thicknesses and sizes. Slate can be an expensive material to use in roofing, but it is an investment and will result in a high-quality roof. Slate is known to last for over 100 years and can resist fire, water, wind, and hail! Slate also has a low water absorption index of under 0.4% which makes it naturally waterproof and a great option for use in roofing!

With a Slate shingle roof, there is no need for frequent maintenance, because moss and algae do not grow easily on the material. Discarded slate can also be recycled and reused making it a good choice for the environment too!

We can also offer ‘Slate Look ‘ Shingle that looks exactly like slate, but is actually made from concrete making it more durable and more cost effective.

Slate Shingle

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