Whether in a commercial property or a residential home, when your roof develops a leak it is essential that you take action immediately. Even the smallest leak can result in massive amounts of damage if left unchecked for any length of time. You will need to seek out roof repair in Kansas City as soon as possible to reduce the amount of damage.

Aside from just calling in roof repair in Kansas City, let’s take a look at some of the steps to take when you have a roof leak.

Secure The Area

The first step on discovering a leak (after calling for roof repair in Kansas City) is to secure the area as best you can. Move as much of your property out of the way of dripping water to avoid it sustaining any water damage. If you have heavy furniture or equipment that is not easy to move you can cover it with thick plastic sheeting. If there is water actively dripping you will also want to position buckets to catch the water.

*Pro-Tip* – If you prop some scrap wood inside your buckets it will dampen the annoying drip sound!

Drain Away Water

One of the big risks with a roof leak is that the weight of collected water may result in a ceiling collapse. If you see evidence of sagging or bubbling on the ceiling you may want to drain the water while you wait for roof repair in Kansas City to arrive. You can do this by using a screwdriver to punch a small hole in the affected area to allow the water to escape. Punching holes in the ceiling might seem like making matters worse, but trust us – it is much easier to patch a series of half-inch holes than it is to replace a collapsed ceiling!

Locate the Leak

Ideally, you will have already called for professional roof repair in Kansas City and they will be with you quickly. However, if you do need to wait a few days for a repair you might want to locate the leak yourself. Keep in mind it may not be directly above the dripping water since water will run down the flashing until it hits a weak spot. Look for obvious damage or gaps in the roof or try spraying sections of the roof with water and seeing what triggers the drip. If you find the source of the leak you can lay a tarp over the section to avoid additional damage if it starts raining again before your roof repair in Kansas City arrives.

Every smart building owner knows how much of a headache a leaky roof can be! A Kansas City Roofer will tell you, water damage, expensive repairs or replacement roofing is a major inconvenience! However, at SLV Roofing, we can solve your problems and alleviate your worries with the help of innovative commercial roofing systems from Conklin Roofing! We also provide residential roofing in partnership with Isaiah Industries.

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