We are all struggling right now with the impact that the coronavirus has had on our day to lives. With all that is going on, it may seem like roof repairs are the last thing you want to be worrying about, and some people may be tempted to put off roof repairs until after the pandemic settles down. However, this is unwise and could result in a much more expensive repair in the long run. At SLV Roofing, we are here for you during this crisis, and if you need roof repairs during this time, we will send a crew out to work on your roof. We are fully prepared to do this as safely as possible while also observing social distancing.

Let’s take a look at why some roof repairs won’t wait and what to do if you discover a leak!

How to Contain the Leak

If you notice water is dripping from bulging or discolored areas on the ceiling, then it is a reliable indicator that water is pooling. The best action to take is to position a trashcan or bucket under the area. Then grab a screwdriver and puncture a hole in the middle of the bulge. It might seem strange to create a hole in the ceiling, but this is going to allow the water to drain away and relieve pressure, helping to avoid a collapse. If you feel that it is safe to do so, you can place a large tarpaulin over the area that is leaking to minimize damage inside, but only if you feel safe and comfortable doing so. If not, wait until a professional roofer can come to assess the roof repairs needed. You should call someone as soon as possible.

Don’t Wait to Address Roof Repairs

As noted, given the fact that most states are under some form of shelter in place order, some people may feel like they are not able to call out a roofer to look at their leak. However, roof repairs can be considered essential, and it is crucial to act quickly when a leak develops. Even a very small leak when left unaddressed can become a substantial problem. In fact, by the time you notice bulging or discoloration on the internal ceiling, likely, a large amount of water has already begun to pool. It is much better to fix a small leak immediately than to leave it until it becomes a much more substantial repair accompanied by associated problems like mold, structural erosion, or standing water.

Common Causes of Roof Leaks

Some of the most common reasons for roof leaks include:

  • Organic Debris Like Leaves & Branches Blocking Drainage
  • Shallow Roof Slopes Resulting in a Dam Forming
  • Damage to the Flashing
  • Loose, Missing, or Damaged Shingles
  • Clogged Gutters
  • Cracked Vent Pipes

If you have a roof leak, don’t wait to book your roof repairs. Roofers are still working during the coronavirus pandemic and will be able to help you while still practicing careful social distancing while on the job.

Every smart building owner knows how much of a headache a leaky roof can be! A Kansas City Roofer will tell you, water damage, expensive repairs or replacement roofing is a major inconvenience! However, at SLV Roofing, we can solve your problems and alleviate your worries with the help of innovative commercial roofing systems from Conklin Roofing! We also provide residential roofing in partnership with Isaiah Industries.

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