Why Us


Our Carrollton roofing warranty is based on manufacturer’s recommendations and installations. If we give you a warranty it is either for a labor only or a material and labor warranty. Some warranties are issued by the manufacturer and some warranties are issued by the roofing company itself are warranties cover only materials and labor for the installation if something fails that wasn’t supposed to or wasn’t done right. We strive to have employees that know what they are and that they are trained by the manufacturer for the insulation of that company’s products. In the event of the warranty issue, we will cover what is stated in the warranty that you received. We know that the majority of people have had negative experiences with contractors and that most are skeptical of any Carrollton roofing company. We completely understand why! That is why we offer warranties on both our materials and labor! We want you to feel confident that the money you are investing in this project is not going to waste. When you work with SLV Roofing we would love for you to ask about what warranties are available for your project and what the details of that warranty are. We are always transparent with our customers and will take the time to explain to you our process!

Licenses and Insurance

Hiring a contractor that is licensed and insured means that he wants to do what is right or he’s willing to do the best he can. By hiring a contractor that is not licensed and insured means that the contractor either is a pass-through contractor or is not willing to go to the next level in providing you what you need. Here at SLV Roofing Service, we strive to maintain our Carrollton roofing license and insurance to carry adequate coverage that we need. We want to provide the best service we can and insurance is just coverage for you as the building owner or the homeowner. Do yourself a favor by hiring SLV Roofing Service to be your roofing company where we keep ourselves on the right side of licenses and insurance. Unfortunately, we see Carrollton roofing work done all the time by handymen or other companies that cut corners and do faulty work. When it comes to your roof or any work on the place you call home, making sure it is done right is absolutely necessary! Hiring a contractor that has the proper licensing and insurance is going to be more expensive than someone that does not have the proper documentation but will save you money in the long run. By having an expert perform the work you are needing you can feel confident that they are a professional in their trade and are equipped to get your job done right the very first time. Save money, headaches, and time by making sure that the contractor you hire has the proper licenses and insurance to perform your work!

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Satisfaction Guarantee

We strive for 100% satisfaction for our Carrollton roofing clients. In an event that you are unhappy with what we provided we ask that you give us feedback and we will do our best to make things right, your satisfaction is our satisfaction and we love happy clients. That is why if you are not happy with the work that is performed we will come back out and correct it on us! We are proud to say that we are a Carrollton roofing company that extremely rarely gets called back out but in the rare case that it happens we never want our customers to feel punished. We operate in excellence and integrity throughout every step of the process from beginning to end of your job. From commercial to residential and even maintenance along with repairs you will be covered under our SLV 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, that is our promise to you!

High-Quality Materials

That is why we use only high-quality products and we strive for excellence. In an event where we say something, we are always looking out for you as our client. We will recommend based on our knowledge and how we attend things over the years and the product performance and customer expectation is how we recommend our manufacturers’ product usage. We have a hard time as a Carrollton roofing company trying to sell you something that we know will not last for the duration of the manufacturer’s state of warranties. If a manufacturer has made statements on their products and we find that they fail or they do not deliver to stated product statements we will recommend a different solution. You can use the best manufacturer and the best materials to do your roofing project and without the proper installation, it still fails. Why would you use quality products and use unskilled labor to install products on your roof? That is why quality control is so important for us here at SLV Roofing Service LLC.

Everything that we do at SLV Roofing is to make sure that from beginning to end our customers have the best experience possible. Anytime you are getting Carrollton roofing work done it can be a stressful and expensive process! It is up to the contractor and company that you hire to ensure that the job is done seamlessly and correctly in order to save you money, time, and stress. By offering our labor and materials warranties, keeping up to date with licensing and insurance, using high-quality materials, and giving our customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee we believe each person that hires us can have peace of mind and confidence in the work that is going to be performed! If you have any questions about any of our benefits or are wanting more details we would be happy to set an appointment to speak with you. We understand that this is a big decision which is why we give free estimates and always have someone ready to answer the phone to answer all those questions. By filling out the form on our contact us page or by clicking on the phone number you can book your appointment today!